Lost stories, found games

A labyrinth of roleplay for everyone

Roleplaying games are a way to share stories. Some have never heard of them, some picture dungeons or dragons right away, some consider roleplay a full-fledged form of creative expression. The doors to our labyrinth are open to everyone. We write our scenarios and develop or adapt the works of kindred spirits we meet along the way. Tabletop or live, for two people or twenty, for one night or many years: the ways of play are infinite.

Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello Un villaggio piccolo piccolo

A red thread of ideas to everywhere

We’re a game design studio and a publishing house, but games are not all we write and books are not all we do. We organize events for the gaming community and bring roleplay where it hasn’t found its way yet, such as bookstores and museums. We’re novelists and stage designers. We follow a red thread, not to find the exit, but to get pulled further into our labyrinth of stories.

Last ideas from the heart of the labyrinth