Chaos League


Chaos League is a collective of actors, musicians, directors, pedagogues, and writers who believe in the need to create shared stories, improvisational spaces, new forms of existence. They began organising live action roleplaying events in Abruzzo in 1992, and ever since then they’ve been putting themselves in play with thousands of people all over the world.

In their manifesto, Southern Way – New Italian Larp, they trace a path of possibility for this activity. Someone has finally taken live action roleplaying for what it is: a bold, participated way of telling stories. Powerful stories, stories that leave their mark.


Chaos League

Together with Chaos League we’ve painted and sewn, written and designed game mechanics, giving our small contribution to the realization of big live events. As, we’ve involved them in our passion for chamber live action roleplaying: one of their scenarios is part of Crescendo Giocoso, our own games are part of the programme at Italian Larp Festival and of the coursework at Laboratorio 41. Together, we walk the Southern Way – New Italian Larp.