Gioc’onda spazio ricreativo

Et cetera

Gioc’onda is a bookshop. A game store. A workshop center. It’s a recreative space. A four-sided project in the heart of Bergamo.

Today, one click is all it takes to find what you’re already looking for: online sales and digital publishing are extraordinary innovations that pose new challenges to an independent seller of books and games. So our goal cannot be to always have everything a gamer or booklover could conceivably wish for. We’d rather help these enthusiasts discover things they don’t yet know they want, hidden among our shelves, loaded with fantasy novels and illustrated books, tabletop games and roleplaying rulesets. We want to set them on a journey and set off with them towards new horizons.

We also want to be a meeting spot for aficionados, to join special events and share recommendations. We want everyone to get in the game, starting with ourselves: after the dream of Libreria Fluttuante we want to double down on our bet, and stake everything on the idea that imagination isn’t just child’s play. From children to grownups, we want every reader and gamer to feel at home under the roof of Gioc’onda.


Our recreational space

Gioc’onda aims to be a museum to our passions and a goldmine of new discoveries. But that’s not all. We want it to be a tribe, because a place is only alive as long as it has its own spirits. Our passion for games is the secret ingredient of our workshops: classes on painting, creative writing and English conversation. Games turn the interests of any participant into a form of creativity.

Our desire to share pushes us to host open nights for literature, tabletop gaming and roleplaying enthusiasts. We’re always ready to open our space to the initiatives of other groups and organizations, or to travel to spread our cultural experiments far and wide.