Let’s imagine a group gathered around a campfire, stories as a moment of shared intimacy and mutual understanding. A small circle of people, like in tabletop games, but the emotional involvement pulls us to our feet, like in live action games. The stories at the core of our games aren’t guided by a narrator’s voice: we experience them like life, speaking in our characters’ voices and lending them our bodies to move around in. offers a self-managed stage, where we make stories together and play characters without a public, just for ourselves. We call them chamber LARP because they’re playable in any context and in just a few hours. We only need a few friends and a scenario. No game masters, no facilitators. Just players.

Our community is an idea generator belonging to live action roleplayers, and its spotlights set the stage for the Italian Chamber Orchestra, the one and only ensemble without instruments or scores. The only way to play is pretending, and improv is our jam. Every year we set out for a Grand Tour of chamber LARP: our appointments are open to everyone.

LarpJam is our collective game design workshop; Chambercon is the first playdate of the year, dedicated solely to chamber live action roleplaying; Freeform is an open stage for unidentified gaming objects of every kind. And at the end of the Grand Tour lies Crescendo Giocoso, a series of anthologies collecting our best games.