Mammut RPG

Partnerships: Publishing

Mammut RPG produces and translates roleplaying and story games. Mammothish is the right word for small games written with hard work and passion, only apparently slow and clumsy.

We play before creating, because other people’s games are a source of inspiration.
We play before translating
, because a correct translation requires a solid understanding of the game.
We play before editing, because the rules of a game come out better after you’ve tried them.
We play before laying out the text, because the game, as a physical or digital object, must be of service to the act of play.
We play before illustrating, because the illustrations must convey atmosphere to the players.


Mammut RPG

Beyond our ongoing exchange of ideas, we partner with Mammut RPG to publish mammothish games. From field testing ideas to curating the look and feel of each game, our common denominator is the care we put into details and the search of an original model for Italian roleplaying games.

Strength in unity: We are part of a community that believes in gaming culture as a place for dialogue and reflection. We want to spread its richness.