Crescendo Giocoso


Copertina Crescendo Giocoso

The Italian Chamber Orchestra is proud to present its first record: Crescendo Giocoso, a collection of twelve live action roleplaying games, written by Italian authors and meant for everyone out there. Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter, we can offer you a crescendo of scenarios, each for a different number of players, from 2 to 12, and up to 30 with the final game.

No matter how many of you there are, or whether you have an hour of free time or four, our role-playlist has a track made just for you. No need for game masters or facilitators: just players.

Crescendo Giocoso

Our games

We like to think of live action roleplaying as something simple, almost natural. We’ve all played make-believe as children, impersonating this or that role: «Wanna play cops and thieves?» is an ancient tradition. «Wanna play composers?» is the game we play with the Italian Chamber Orchestra, the scenario authors who gather around our events, and the Crescendo Giocoso anthology collection is the result of our improvisations, as well as our desire to share them with the world.

A roleplaying game becomes “live action” when its story is played while standing up, more like actors on a stage than writers around a table, and “chamber” when it can be played anywhere, even at home with a few friends. Thanks to a successful international Kickstarter campaign, Crescendo Giocoso made its debut with a physical volume and a digital-only b-side, both available in Italian and in English. But this is just the beginning.